Substitute Teacher Coverage

  • The substitute teacher must have students participate in physical activities that commensurate with their ability to safely teach/supervise the activity.
  • In preparation for the substitute teacher, the absent teacher, intramural supervisor or administrator must:
    • Include the appropriate safety standards activity pages with the lesson plans (for curricular activities).
    • Inform the substitute teacher of the whereabouts of a contact teacher or administrator in case of an emergency.
    • For curricular activities, specify restrictions/modifications for students with individual education plans (IEP) and/or medical conditions that may affect safe participation in the activity.
    • For intramural activities, specify restrictions/adaptations for students with health or behavioural concerns.
    • Provide school protocol for supervision of change rooms.
  • In situations where an substitute teacher or other teacher is asked to coach a practice or game, the following must occur:
    • The school administrator/designate must address the substitute teacher’s knowledge and, where applicable, the qualifications/certifications for the sport as well as their ability to safely supervise and coach the sport by following the safety criteria as outlined on the safety standards sport page.
    • The school administrator/designate or absent coach must provide the safety standards for the sport and the Coaches Expectations.
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