Medical Conditions

  • For interschool sports, coaches need to be aware of the medical history and physical limitations of students prior to the first try-out. The coach must have the students’ medical information available at all practices and all games (consult the Sample Interschool Parent/Guardian Letter and Sample Interschool Medical Information and Consent to Participate Form).
  • For intramural activities, each intramural supervisor needs to access student medical information prior to the activity as per school division policy (consult the Sample Intramural Parent/Guardian Letter and Sample Intramural Medical Information and Consent to Participate Form.
  • To address a student’s medical condition (for example, asthma, life threatening allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders, concussion) teachers/coaches must refer to the school/school division’s medical condition protocols and/or individualized student Plan of Care. For sample protocols, consult:
  • Parents/Guardians must be informed of the following:
    • If a student misses a physical education class/practice or game due to an injury or illness requiring professional medical attention (for example, medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist), parents/guardians must communicate with the teacher/coach giving the student permission to return to physical activity. For a sample form, consult the Sample Return to Physical Activity (Non-Concussion Medical Illness/Injuries).
    • Parents/guardians must provide a return to physical activity plan for students returning to activities with injuries/illness (for example, spinal injuries, fractures, torn ligaments or mononucleosis).
  • Any student playing with a cast must provide a doctor’s note or parent/guardian signed permission indicating it is safe for the student to participate. Casts/orthopedic devices must not present a safety concern to the student or other participants. Modifications should be made if required. An exposed orthopedic apparatus must be soft or padded and must be approved by the teacher/coach prior to participating in the activity.
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