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Recognized Safety Standard Associations For Helmets

Please note: The list of Recognized Safety Standard Associations for Helmets includes all of the associations that are referenced for helmets within the Manitoba Physical Activity Safety in Schools. To determine the helmet requirements, including the safety standard associations and/or certification standards, reference the Equipment section of the specific activity/sport safety standards.

The Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA) Risk Management recognizes the following safety standard associations:

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • National Operating Committee on Standards in Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)
  • Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell Standard)
  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • Standards Australia (SA)
  • Common European Norm (CEN)
  • Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)
Activities For Which Helmets Have Been Developed (For Example, Hockey, Football)
  • Helmets specifically designed for the type of hazards encountered in each activity will provide the optimal required protection.
  • Select a helmet that meets the protection standards (certification) for the specific activity/sport as determined by a recognized safety standards association.
Activities For Which Helmets Have Not Been Developed (For Example Ice Skating, Tobogganing/Sledding)
  • The Manitoba Physical Activity Safety in Schools lists on its activity pages the types of helmets that offer the best protection against ice skating/tobogganing injuries as recommended by the following safety organizations: Parachute, Canada Safety Council, and the Manitoba School Insurance Program (MSIP).
Multi-Purpose Helmets (For Example, Cycling, Skateboarding and In Line Skating)
  • Some helmets are marketed as ‘multi sport’ meaning they meet the safety standard for more than one activity.
  • For a multi-purpose helmet to be used for an activity/sport, the helmet must have an identification of a safety standard certification (for example, sticker/identification on the package or on the helmet) from a recognized safety standards association indicating that it meets the required safety standards for those activities the helmet will be used for.
Select a Suitable Helmet For the Activity
  • Reference the specific activity page in the Manitoba Physical Activity Safety in Schools.
  • Consult the sport governing body of the activity.
  • Consult a reputable provider (retailer) of the equipment for information on the most suitable helmet.
  • Consult Parachute at Parachute Canada
Certification Sticker Location
  • Ensure the helmet meets the safety standard (certification) for your activity/sport. Most helmets that meet a standard will contain a special label that indicates compliance.  The label is usually found on the liner inside the helmet.
Canadian Standard Association Standards
  • Where a Canadian Standard Association (CSA) standard is available for an activity specific helmet, the CSA approved helmet is to be used.
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