Drop-In Self-Directed Physical Activities

Drop-in self-directed physical activities (sometimes referred to as an Open Gym) are a menu of school approved intramural activities, planned, organized, and supervised by school staff.  The school staff is responsible for creating a safe environment for drop-in self-directed physical activities which follow the safety standards below.

Safety Standards

Parent/Guardian Information/Permission to Participate

Schools must have a process in place on how parents/guardians are informed that Drop-In Self-Directed Physical Activities are available to their children (for example, information letter to parents/guardians; parent/guardian permission to participate form).

Selection of activities

  • The appropriate safety standards for each intramural activity (elementary, secondary) must be addressed.
  • When introducing an activity/sport (for example, special event or theme-based activity) that is not included in the safety standards, refer to the activity page of the activity/sport it most resembles.
  • Should the selected activity not resemble an activity/sport in Manitoba Physical Activity Safety in Schools then approval from the appropriate school or school division official must be received prior to organizing/running the activity/sport. An activity safety plan must be developed that identifies and minimizes the inherent risks of the activity.
  • The number of participants in any activity area (for example, gymnasium) must not pose a risk or hazard to safe participation in the activities and/or to the active participants themselves.
  • Safe boundaries or zones of play must be established to eliminate simultaneous activities from interfering with each other.


  • All participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear for participation.  The minimum requirements are the standards established in each activity safety page. 
  • Intramural supervisors must not allow students with inappropriate clothing/footwear and/or wearing jewelry that may be a hazard to others to participate.
  • No spectators allowed.


  • On site supervision is required.
    • Schools must have a process in place to determine the number of supervisors for the activity area, based on:
      • the predetermined number of students allowed to be active in the gymnasium (based on size); and
      • the types of activities offered (no higher risk activities).
    • Supervisors must have demonstrated knowledge of the activities being offered and be capable of enforcing appropriate safety standards for the activities.
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