COVID-19 Considerations for Physical Activity


Updated February 2022

The COVID-19 Considerations for Curricular Activities (Health and Physical Education), Intramural Activities and Interschool Athletic Activities are not prescriptive in nature, rather, they are intended to support school boards and schools with:

  • connecting the safety content from Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning to curricular (health and physical education), intramural, and interschool athletic activity opportunities for students; and
  • providing sample strategies and considerations for COVID-19 safety that can support school boards with the implementation of school-based physical activity programs.

NOTE: The COVID-19 Considerations for Physical Activities is a living document whose content will evolve as the direction and recommendations from Public Health and Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning are updated.


Returning to in-person learning will require careful planning, opportunities for students to re-engage in a wide range of school-based physical activities, as well as, the implementation of new COVID-19 safety processes and procedures. 

Providing a wide-range of opportunities for students to learn, practice, participate in, and enjoy physical activity is an important part of all students’ day-to-day education experience and can provide many positive benefits connected to achievement, mental health, well-being and overall student success. As part of the return to in-person learning planning process it is important to prioritize the safety of students and allow them to re-engage in physical activities in a way that they feel confident, ready, and prepared.

COVID-19 Safety Information

The COVID-19 safety considerations and practices for curricular (health and physical education), intramural, and interschool athletic activities can support school board and school staff, as well as volunteers with the implementation of COVID-19 safe learning environments. Establishing and maintaining a learning environment that is physically, socially and emotionally safe requires collaboration, careful planning and an understanding of safety considerations and practices specific to COVID-19. School boards and local public health units are encouraged to work together to discuss, establish and maintain policies/procedures/practices that meet the local COVID-19 conditions.

School boards should consider the following sources/documents when developing school/school board policies and procedures:

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